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Written by Chanel Dixon – Grade 10N

Titchfield High School has been fulfilling its motto “By virtue and by learning” for the past years. his year was no exception and as the students participated in a wide range of activities they continued to achieve success and strive for excellence in every way.


The Junior and Senior Titchfield High School Netball teams entered the 2008/2009 ISSA Digicel Netball competition. Titchfield played eight other schools and won all the matches in the zone playoff. With this victory we advanced to play against the winners and runners up of the Clarendon, St. Elizabeth zone. The junior team won all the matches in this round except one game which was drawn and they ended up as runners up. The senior team was also runner up and both teams went on to play the Westmore-land and St James zone winners. Here the junior team won their game and went on to the quarter finals round. The senior team lost their game and dropped out of the competition at this point. In the quarter finals the junior team lost to last yea’s winner, nevertheless they were placed in the top eight teams on the island. For their efforts the captains of the senior and junior teams were invited to an awards ceremony sponsored by ISSA/Digicel. At the function they each received a small trophy for being zone winners.

Science Quiz

Students received information on the science quiz and its requirements from September through October. Information was circulated in the club as the club members studied hard to make the school’s team. By January the teams were chosen with each level having four players and two reserves. The captains of the senior and junior teams organized the information into categories assigning each team member with a particular subject to study. The teams studied at lunch, after school and on weekends then worked along with the teachers. A week before the competition neighboring schools came to our facility and matches were played against each school. As the games progressed our ninth to tenth grade and tenth to eleventh grade teams reached the semi finals, but the junior team finally dropped out of the game. Our senior team took home the title as champions of their level and received a trophy.

School’s Challenge Quiz

Students in the School Challenge Quiz club who were considered to be capable of making the school’s team were chosen by the coaches. They studied a wide range of subjects and had buzzer practices. Close to the end of December they went to the annual quiz rally to test their skills and knowledge. The quiz rally was a strategy used to detect the weaknesses of each student and improve this defect. After the quiz rally the official team was chosen to represent the school in the School’s Challenge Quiz competition. The team studied intensely as the competition drew nearer. Due to the performance of previous teams over the years the team was qualified for the first round and did not need to enter the competition via preliminary games. They advanced to second, third round, quarter finals and then to the semi finals where they fell out of the competition. They were defeated by Ardenne High school in a fifty-five — thirty-five win.


The athletic season started in September. The school attended their first development meet in November at Paul Bogle High School where they won three medals; two bronze and a gold. The school attended the Eastern Champs with a total of 66 athletes. Titchfield placed seventh in the competition and received a trophy for the most improved school. Ten medals were received; five bronze, four silver and a gold. wenty-eight athletes qualified for the Boys and Girls champs. We got into the girls open Shot – put finals and to the semi finals of the class three 400 meters and class two 800 meters girls and boys, respectively. The school had also entered the Jamaica College Invitational and the Youngster Goldsmith where they received medals. The coach of the athletic team plans to start training by about August instead of the usual late September /October period.

CricketTitchfield High School entered two cricket competitions this year. One of these competitions was the Grace – ISSA Limited Ovals Invitational. They however dropped out of the game when they lost in the first round to Port Antonio High School. The second competition was the Grace Hedley Cup. The team played seven matches receiving five wins, one loss and a drawn game. They finished third in the zone but did not qualify for the second round of the competition. The January to March cricket season ended and another chapter in the Titchfield High School cricket was again closed.


Cheerleading auditions had begun with the opening of the first term in September. Forty students were selected and by November training had started for their upcoming competition. On March 24, 2009 the team entered Regional at the National Indoors Sports complex in Kingston and was placed third of the fifty schools which had entered the competition. The team qualified for the semi finals on July 4, 2009 and is currently working very hard by training for this upcoming competition. The semi finals consist of twenty schools competing against each other. If they are successful they will move to the finals where they would be among the top ten schools competing for the title of champions.


Recruiting began in September. The cadets were training with drills and were introduced to the various military organizations including Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). In October the cadets participated in the Hero’s Day parade. There were also recruit testing in which cadets were taught drills. Successful cadets then took up active duty. In November they participated in the Founder’s Day parade which celebrated the establishment of cadets in Jamaica. Training for the cadet inspection started in January. By February the inspection which included drills, displays of special skills and other activities was all over. Titchfield High school had placed third in their Battalion. In March there was the promotional exams and all recruits passed their exams and the other levels of cadets had an eighty percent (80%) pass in their exams. April had arrived and the cadets had participated in the Battalion Sports day against every school in our Battalion. We were placed second with 109 points behind St Mary’s High school with 156 points. With the motto ‘To unite to serve to lead’ the cadets are presently training for their promotional exams. The cadets who are successful will go on to the next level and as for the others, they will re-take the exam.


The school entered the 2008-2009 RBTT National School Chess Championships which was the first in a number of years. We played the first round in group D against Iona High, St Mary’s College A and St Mary’s College B. The school placed second in the group behind Iona High School and so attended a one day play off tournament to play for one of three places in the rural area quarter finals. The school finished first among ten teams at the play offs. We however played Clarendon College in quarter finals and lost.


The Titchfield High school senior football team played eight football matches. Three of the eight games were won in which they beat Buff Bay High school two times and Fair Prospect once. Three matches which were played against Port Antonio High, Fair Prospect and Happy grove school were all drawn. Two matches were also lost against Port Antonio High and Happy Grove High school. As a result, the football team did not leave the zone but was superseded by Happy Grove High and Fair Prospect High who went ahead. For the past two years the under-16 football team has not entered any football competition but is continuing to train. Under-16 players are being prepared with the aim of replacing the senior football team. They are also training for the rural under-16 title for the Abner Wright cup and the all island title where the winners play the urban champion and compete for the title of national champions. This competition is scheduled to begin in October. The senior football team is continuing to train for the Dacosta Cup in September.


The 4-H club has continued to put their heart, head, health and hands together to achieve success especially at Titchfield High School. The club boasts over 200 club members from 7th grade to 6th form and has continued to be a vibrant club. The club had fund raising activities at the school where they earned over eight thousand dollars ($8,000) for the club. The club also had fundraising events within the parish, sixty percent (60%) of which was given to Titchfield High School. The 4-H club also started a school garden project growing peppers. On the 8th of April, 2009 the Titchfield High School 4-H club went to the parish Expo at the College of Agriculture and Science Education (CASE) where they entered a number of competitions. They received two first places in goat care and pantry towel making and three third places in display, cattle judging and a third event. They also received four second places in floral arrangement, boy of the year, girl of the year and environmental challenge. On April 12, 2009 they attended the regional level of the competition at Rose Hall 4- H training center in St Catherine. The school received a gold and a bronze medal in pantry towel and goat care and management, respectively.The national level competition held at Denbigh Clarendon was then entered from April 15-16. The school was placed second in the island in pantry towel making.


The school entered the Jamaica Cultural Development Committee (JCDC) music competition where the junior and senior choirs performed. Both junior and senior choir entered the zone level of the competition. The senior choir entered with eleven music pieces and ten were successful as they got the sixty percent (60%) pass mark. The junior choir entered with twelve (12) music pieces but only four were successful. The choir then advanced to the Parish level where after performing received thirteen medals. The choir believed that they were judged unfairly and so stepped out of the competition thus ending he season early and ending choir practices.

TOSA Achiever Luncheon

At the Titchfield Old Students Association (TOSA) Achievers Luncheon all the students who did exceptionally well in Academics and Extracurricular Activities were awarded for their hard work. There were over fifty (50) awardees who all received certificates of excellence in their particular categories. They were encouraged to continue contributing to the excellence of their school and in general, to that of their country.

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