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Written by Hennielle Pullen & Tonnie Ann Nelson – Grade 11      

It’s a new year and already things have set off with a bang.  On Monday, January 5, 2009, General Assembly was held and the returning teachers who were on leave were welcomed back.  Such teachers were Mrs. Warren, Miss Burke and Miss Bennett, to name a few.  Some other additions were made to the Titchfield staff of teachers; a new P.E. male teacher and a new female Guidance Counselor who has taken Mr. Pinnock’s place while he is on leave.  Students were surprised to find that some areas of the school were under construction; the female bathroom, Biology Lab and the Physics Lab. 


January 6 really marked the time for competition as our athletes began their training for Eastern Champs.  The first Prefect meeting of the year was held the next day, Wednesday, after school.  Topics such as the painting of the cannons and an entertainment segment, Radio Titchfield, were discussed.  Radio Titchfield is the brainchild of the English Department and is geared at giving students hands on experience in broadcasting while improving their communication skills.  Its mission is to educate, entertain, and expose students to a wide range of information and music.   


On January 8, 2009 the U.S. Embassy and several marines paid a visit to the school carrying little gift bags, donating books to schools in Portland, Titchfield being one of them.  It was a sight to see the Marines in their clean white uniforms, trimmed with gold as they were greeted warmly by students of the school.  


With the onset of the School’s Challenge Quiz season our school went off on Tuesday, the 13th of January, where they played in Round 1 against Spaulding High School and ‘as yuh dun know’ we beat them 57 to 23 which placed us in one of the top highest scores a school has made since the startof the competition.  They then went on to embarrass Albert Town 30 – 9.  On Monday March 8, 2009, they will go in search of another victory when they face Lacovia High.  The team, coached by Mr. Sparks, is headed by Kevon Brown (head boy) and the rest of the team consists of Trevaughn Walker (5th former), Sasheika Shepherd (5th former) and Henkel Valentine (5th former).  


It seems as if nothing can stop Titchfield High School.  On Friday, January 23, the Debate Club headed by Shantal Bailey, debated against Buff Bay and won their match.  On the team were Shantal Bailey, Monique Arnold and Shannon Fairweather.  Monique Arnold was selected as best speaker.  Titchfield again won in a friendly match against Happy Grove.  This time around, Shannon Fairweather was awarded best speaker.  Titchfield went into round three already poised as victors to play Guys Hill and came out the winner with Monique Arnold being awarded best speaker. 


To tune up the excitement, Radio Titchfield was launched on Monday, January 26 beginning at 7:30a.m. ending at 8:00 am.  It gives the students something to look forward to at 7:30 every morning (Mon.-Fri.).  It has become our early morning wake up call. 


On Friday of the same week, our Chess Team, YES, THE CHESS TEAM…played a number of matches having advanced to the quarter finals in which they were placed 2nd.  The next day, Saturday, a fair was held to launch the Titchfield athletics program.  It was held at the school to raise money for the development of the athletics team.  The event was spearheaded by Mr. Laurie Foster who influenced a Digicel sponsorship of the day’s activities.   


Prize Giving was held on February 19, 2009.  Successful students received well- deserved accolades and the students were inspired by a motivational speech delivered by a charismatic and dynamic guest speaker, who was none other than our very own guidance counselor, Ms. Richards. 


On Tuesday February 24, 2009, the track and field athletes along with coaches Julian Ivy, Delroy Johnson and Preston Matthews ventured to the annual Eastern championships.  They represented the school well although they were not placed first. In the Boys’ Class One long jump, Rylon Young received bronze. 


In Boys’ Class Two 1500m, Rohan Simms was awarded a gold medal.  Damion Wiggan received a silver medal in the 500m and Rohan Simms was again awarded a bronze medal for 5000m sprint.  


Now, the girls did outstandingly well.  Tiffany Thompson was placed in girls’ Class One Discus, she was awarded a silver.  Nordia Nemhard was placed 6th.  In the Girls’ Class Two Discus, Shantal Reid won a silver medal and Shane Hamilton was placed 4th.  For the Girls’ Class Two 80m hurdles, Shamoya McNeil won a silver medal and a bronze for Class Three long jump.  For the Girls’ Class Two long jump, Serece Jones was awarded a bronze and Shantal Morgan won silver for Girls’ Class Four. 


In the end Titchfield finished 7th out of the twenty competing schools.  We walked away with 164 points and got the trophy for the most improved school for 2009 Eastern Championship. 


As Hennielle always say – “BIG THINGS POPPIN’ and ‘little things stoppin’ at Titchfield every time.”

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