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Shy a few days of the new school year, Titchfield High School was just about adding the final touches to its preparation for the beginning of the school year when the onslaught of Gustav blew some spokes in the cogs of the groundwork. Meetings had been scheduled, additions were being made, walls were being painted in the Titchfield colors, classrooms repaired and cleaned to ensure the school was ready to sail into the new school year. However, ominous clouds frowned at our endeavors.  Who would triumph – Gustav or Titchfield?


Well suffice it to say Titchfield is giving thanks and praise to the Supreme as once again as we were spared. All thumbs up to administration, the maintenance staff and members of the teaching staff who pulled together in putting the things back in place that Gustav had so forcefully wrecked. 

On Monday morning September 1, 2008, bright and early, members of staff made a B-line for Titchfield to attend a rescheduled staff meeting. Like clockwork we all ‘received our compasses and the sails were raised.’  We are ready to face the challenges of the new school year, inspired and revived as we reviewed our performance over the previous year.  We acknowledged our weaknesses and our strengths and surveyed our opportunities while we congratulated ourselves for the successes. 

Despite the numerous turbulences experienced and the treacherous year that 2008 proved to be, the CSEC and CAPE results are encouraging as we remain anchored here at Titchfield High School. This is evident from an overall pass of up to ninety percent (90%) success rate in the CAPE and the up to eighty percent (80%) success rate in the CSEC examinations.  Remarkable performances of one hundred percent (100%) passes in Caribbean Studies, Biology and Management of Business among others were attained at the CAPE level and one hundred percent (100%) passes in a number of subjects at the CSEC level in the recent external examinations are a just a few of the academic conquests experienced here at Titchfield High School.  Our students continue to pour into Tertiary Institutions locally and abroad, bearing the proud name of our alma mater.  Don’t we have reason to be proud? 

Based on instructions from the Ministry of Education, school resumed on Wednesday September 3, 2008.  This year promises to be another challenging and great year as we embark on the exciting journey of acquisition and imparting of knowledge on the high seas of education.  Our young captain, Mr. Richard Thompson, shouts ‘all aboard!’  In response the crew shouts ‘aye aye captain! Sail on, we’re all aboard!’ 

‘Gustav or Titchfield – who triumphed?  Titchfield of course!  Titchfield is the greatest!’  

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