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By March 12, 2008 July 9th, 2013 No Comments
Written by Kamar Thomas, HeadBoy
Wednesday, 12 March 2008 00:00

Titchfield, Titchfield, so firm so strong…! The beginning of the new school year sound tracked by the school song aroused the familiar feelings in the pit of one’s stomach; anxiety, mixed with nervousness and many expectations of the coming year, some fulfilled and some ending in disappointment.

• Summer brought the genesis of a genuine thirst for winning in all sporting or academic endeavors the first of which is characterized by marathon hours of fact absorption. Factfinder, The World Almanac and became substitutes for sleep, seeming to give energy to Chase ‘Zero’ Roberts, Rennard ‘Dulf’ Wood, Lenroy ‘Skinny’ Mckenzie and Kevon ‘Police’ Brown who attacked the books and the Internet amassing seemingly limitless knowledge for the TVJ’s School’s Challenge Quiz. The first match arrived and resulted in the demolition of Belair team and then it was Dinthill next, who were also defeated in Headley cup Cricket by Titchfield. The quiz team felt the agony of defeat at the hands of Calabar High team, advancing the furthest in history.

• To the World, Myspace and Silver Strut were but a few of the many dance moves showcased in the newly formed, yet-to-be-named dance troupe. Students of all shapes and sizes made their way into a small classroom, under the scrutiny of their peers, to impress or depress.

• The Titchfield High School Drama Club staged an evening of entertainment that promised a bellyful of laughter and fun and exceeded the expectations of patrons, impressing with every skit and impossible dance move, violently shaking the body in ways warranting a warning label: PLEASE DON’T TRY AT HOME! Education being at the foremost of their thoughts as represented by their new DVD: Parenting a Good Sinting (thing).

• Sporting activities took the fore as DaCosta Cup Football excited a sleepy Titchfield population. Grit, tactics and pure power dominated the minds of all students, increasing the adrenaline and temporarily transporting the brain of each spectator on a rollercoaster, climaxing at the sweet sight of a GOAAAAL!! Fund raising concerts also brought immense glee to attendants, but Titchfield did not realize the dream of winning the Cup. Titchfield gained consolation as the Headley Cup cricket team brought pride to the school by reaching the semi finals but were defeated by the vengeful Dinthill. This pride was increased exponentially as the school, with a mere dozen athletes (due to incomprehensible technicalities), fought and earned sixteenth place at The Eastern Championships.

• Annual Prize Giving ceremonies were held in January on the school ground. It served as a motivational feature for the entire school population as it was held at the time normally scheduled for General Devotion.

• The school is continually being beautified, physically as well as its students. The Healthy Lifestyle Club sculpts the body of each member with its acrobatics and cheerleading style moves regularly, as well as painting both bathrooms in collaboration with the 4-H Club. The Art department has dedicated a section of the wall as a mural, pleasing every passing eye. They plan to give more aesthetic pleasure with a graffiti wall, showcasing the skill of students and filling idle hands.

Onward we move, ‘One Hundred, Two Hundred (and) Twenty Years on!’